2002 Gran Canyon Announcements:

Well gang, we have 9 new holes out at the Gran Canyon for the first stop on the 2002 Fabulous Florida Tour (and the 2002 PDGA tour as well)

I vowed that we wouldn't have to play in the cow pasture again this year. Although had I known how much work it was going to be, I would have been satisfied to just let everybody go huck among the bullpucky.

The flow of the course has been radically altered on the front 18. Hole one plays the same. But, instead of heading to hole #2 (anhyzer bush) you go to old #10 (Get Over It) which is now #2. Confused yet? Download the map and take a good look. It is color coded to show the front 18...(many new holes out back) the nasty nine (unchanged) and what I'm calling the best of the west..(holes 28-36) these holes are actually old holes 5-9 one new one between 8&9 and then to hole 2-4. If you've been here before (and you paid attention) the names of the traditional holes remain the same despite the number changes. This will hopefully help you when looking at your map.

It will be confusing unless you pay attention to the signs that Joe G has put up. there should be plenty of arrows for to direct you to the next tee.

Speaking of arrows...we have new white marine plastic plaques with red arrows and tee #s directing you to holes 1-27. Al, (sorry, I don't have his last name) donated them and they are wonderful. We ask that you look for these signs and the red or blue plastic signs. DO NOT follow the paper "signs-are-us" signs. Those are for the bikers and runners. They put a tremendous amount of effort into their events as well. So please respect their work. If it isn't directly in your way...leave it.

The host hotel is our usual...Days Inn. Phone # (352) 796-9486. There is another event in town, so get your room ASAP. $55 per night (I think)

Saturday will be a full 36 different holes of golf for everyone. Sunday will be 18 holes and then a final 10 holes for top finishers. We had to do this in order to finish before dark and get in the award ceremony as well.

If you have a target, bring it. We may be a couple short. Wouldn't that bite?

In order to avoid confusion I will list the holes in playing order and other important notes... (any directions I give will be from the angle that you approached the basket)

1. Gran Canyon (our traditional starting point)

2. Get Over It (traditional hole #10) Go right up the hill. Then left and follow path right to tee. Throw from one plateau, over the gully, land on the other plateau to set up shot through tunnel to the razor back.

3 Highzer (traditional hole #11) Look left..see it? Good. Low flat hyzer shot turns slightly down hill. Don't over hyzer. The left side is nasty.

4 Quite Tight Flight (NEW!) After finishing #3, walk back up to the razor back and head towards the road. Tee 4 will be on the lower bike path. It is a two shot hole. Your first shot should land on the plateau on the hill. Your second shot will have to wind back down to the opening along the bike path. O.B. Alert!! The fence line is OB. Since there is a Mando directing people to the left fairway ONLY, this shouldn't come into play very often.

5. Two-Topia (New-ish/ the original hole twelve) Actually, we liked this one and brought it back. A great ACE run hole. Been aced 3 times.

6. Split Decision (New) from #5 walk straight up the main bike path away from the road. Two fairways give you a hyzer or anhyzer route. But the opening to the green is only slightly larger than Steven Tyler's mouth...So you shouldn't have trouble hitting it. O.B. Alert!! There is a fence on the right side down by the green. The chicken wire fence in the fairway is NOT OB.

7. What Hump? (New) from 6 go L to the bike path, L again. Go about 6 steps and turn right under the cedar tree. Tee from the plateau area. The fairway goes through a tight area and slightly uphill as it goes fairly hard left. The pin lies on the downslope of a hill.

8. Crappy Lil Transition Hole (New) Not as bad as it sounds. A fairly straight line. A tree (that I wasn't allowed to cut) sits in the fairway. miss this and you're golden.

9. Have You Driven From A Fjord Lately? (traditional hole 12) boomer downhill.

10. Wall-a-bee (New) from #9 walk towards left (west) and head for the piney area. Hole ten will be to the left of #24 (Drop in the bucket) It is an anhyzer shot and the pin is in the old "E" position.

11 Legally Bland (New) from #10 turn back toward the tee and then go right along the bike path. You will go under the flights of #9. It is a straight shot but must clear the weeds in the fairway and it is just slightly beyond the cedar. Don't let the name fool you.

12. Cranny Crank (traditional #13) the Clearwater gang insists that it is called Granny's Crevace. Therapy is pending. Get over the sloping wall and you should be putting.

13. Eye 275 (New) from #12 basket, go right away from the normal up-route. Follow log path to top of hill. Ams straight ahead, Pros to the right. Anhyzer flex shot to the big Oaks down the bike path. O.B. Alert!! There is a fence to the right and beyond the hole. Don't over drive this hole!

14. Download Your Disc (traditional 14) from #13 turn around and follow log path to the right.

15. Wall-end-a (traditional 15) * A tribute to the great wire walking family. Gunter Wallenda was a Jr. High school teacher and taught me how to walk wire.

16. Nicely Hung (traditional 16) I'd tell you what this was a tribute to...but you wouldn't believe me anyway.

17. Scary Prairie (traditional 17) O.B. Alert!! to the right of the logs will be OB. You may retrieve them if they are up top. If they go over the cliff, you must wait until the hole is completed to go after them.

18. Gran Finale (traditional 18) It WAS the finale before we got the idiotic idea to build 18 more. O.B. Alert!! The fence along the right side of the fairway is OB

The Nasty Nine...

19. Anhyzer Hurdle Huck (traditional 19) from 18 back along the fairway right into woods. Tee on left.
Try to make it to the ridge beyond and to the right to set yourself up for a tubeshot approach to the Dolf Catching Target.

20. The Ramp (traditional 20) Get over the lower embankment and you'll have a steep putt/approach for a rare two.

21. Scream Weaver (traditional 21) from 20 back down hill to right follow bike path. Keep it straight to the cedar. Basket is just beyond it.

22. Dime Slot (traditional 22) from 21 go right along path. Get over the rise in the fairway and keep it straight.

23. I-Fore! (traditional 23) A tough two shot hole. Punch it up the slope through the gap to the right. Approach down the trail to the left in the trees.

24. Drop In The Bucket (traditional 24) from 23. Back on path and walk to the picnic table. Keep the nose down!!! To Green...go right from the tee and follow canyon pass down and left to green.

25. Test Tube (traditional 25) from 24 go right pass #10 on your left. Go to red carpet.
A true par 5. No threes thus far...Even in doubles. Straight shot down the tube. A lie beyond the middle pines gives you a chance to blast an left to right approach over the trees to the elevated green.

26. Top of the Whirled (traditional 26) from 25 just go uphill. Plays uphill through tunnel. Should turn left off of hill. Position A just beyond pines. Position B waaay left up on hill. Watch for shule.

27. Re-Entry (traditional 27) from 26 turn around and head back toward the tunnel that you went through on 26. Tee 27 is just right of the tunnel.
Another classic elevation hole. tee sits aprox 90 feet above fairway. A good glide on a left to right shot will set up a nice uphill approach to the elevated plateau green. Only one man has hit the green on the drive. NO ONE has deuced it yet.
Follow the path Straight down. DO NOT WALK THROUGH GREENS # 26 & 1.

The Best of the West...

28. Social Climber (traditional 5) Straight shot. Drop off behind the basket.

29. Benefield Boulevard (traditional 6) from 28 right down path. Left at parking lot follow road to tee.
A sweet par four golf hole. Punch out of the tunnel. An open lie should leave a 300+ foot upshot.

30. Yes You Can-yon (traditional 7) right up the hill to the tee. Throw along the ridgeline and off the end of the cliff. Slight left to right shot into gulley.

31. Up Chuck (traditional 8) from 7. left to road or path going up. Steep uphill short shot plays longer.

32. Tee 4 Two (New) from 31 turn right and go down just left of #31 fairway. Straight shot to right of oak and between a cedar and a mimosa tree. slow left turn to green. Watch out for Saw Grass. Major shool on left as well.

33. Mud & Mudder (traditional 9) from 32 back towards tee 20 feet. Go right up hill to bike path. Left to right shot onto fairway. The ground slopes off very steeply on ALL sides of the green.

34. Anhyzer Bush (traditional 2) from 33. turn around and head back down the fairway. Do not go left towards tee. Stay straight then right.
When this hole was designed it was just an left to right shot. Now, either left or right will work.

35. The Pine Defines the Line (traditional 3) from 34. turn around and walk back around the hill on your right. The big pine defines the line. Elevated Green with rocks lining the front.

36. You Are Through-ridge Parkway (traditional 4). from 35 turn around and walk down from the green follow a path about 45 degrees to the left up the hill.
Straight shot that must turn slightly left for short position. Longer, down and right for long.

There you go. That's all the info you need for a 36 under par. Good luck!!

* The course will remain in this set up for a couple of months following the event. Holes 4,5, 10 & 11 will most likely NOT be in place beyond the tournament.