Hey Fellow disc Golfers. . .

The Cypress Gardens Flying Disc Challenge
(not to be confused with Cypress Grove)
was held May 13-14 at Cypress Gardens Theme Park
in Winter Haven,FL.

By Bucky Worboys

I have been playing Disc Golf since 1991 and since the first time that
I threw a disc in Carlin Park, I knew that this sport was for me! Even though
it was an object course and the grounds crew had not been around for, letís say,
twelve years or so, I was still hooked!
In the last ten years I have played at almost every course in
the state and in practically every tournament. Once a tournament,
someone will invariably start talking about how we need more pay to
play courses that are well manicured and blah blah blahÖ youíve been in that group havenít you?

There has been talk of playing at Disney World for years, but that has not
come to fruition for a multitude of reasons. Why anyone would want to put their neck on the
line to hold such an event (considering the general demographics of disc golfers) is beyond me,
but there are a few mental cases with those ambitions.

Speaking of which I had the opportunity to play at the HCWT
(Have Course Will Travel) event at Cypress Gardens. Thatís right, Cypress Gardens!
The same Cypress Gardens that attracts hundreds of thousands of people a year.

On May 13 & 14 we had the luxury of competing in the most well manicured park
that I have ever thrown a disc in. Iím not sure how Gregg pulled it off
(he must be a magician too), but I would have loved to hear his sales pitch
to the decision makers. Possibly something likeÖExcuse me sir, ahhh, ummm,
Iíd like to bring a bunch of well mannered, well dressed, and socially
conscious tie dye weariní, frisbee tossiní individuals to your park for a tournament.
Well whatever he did it worked!

The park was truly magnificent! Short, but magnificent nonetheless!
The course had 12 holes that were very appealing to the eye and considering
the area he had to work with the layout was fine.

After the first and only round of the day (24 holes), there was a three way
tie for first between Johnny McCray, Mike Byrd, and Hall of Famer Steve Slasor.
They posted a score of 12 under par and had the lead by two. Going into the
second day the conditions were impeccable, but the scores were about the
same with Al (Winnebago) Schack taking the lead into the final nine holes.

The only way that I can aptly describe the layout of the final nine is to
say that we were playing over, around, and through giant life size
CHA CHA CHA CHIA PETS!!! Thatís right, Cypress Gardens had a display
of these huge topiaries that we had to negotiate.

The most thrilling thing was actually making the park-goers stop while
we threw our shots, and most of them were pretty accommodating and very interested.
Considering that we were in a bona fide theme park, on a Sunday afternoon,
(Motherís Day no less) with roughly 3,000 spectators, I was impressed that
Gregg was able to pull this off.

I can only hope that there will be other opportunities like this in the future.
This was very enjoyable and I relished the chance to show "Mainstream America"
what disc golf was all about. I think that most of the golfers would agree that
this was an incredible opportunity and look forward to coming back.

Oh Yeah, Al smoked a Ė7 in the final nine to win it.
Editorís note: There were two par fours in the final layout,
so Al actually shot a perfect Ė9 to close the tourney.