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Welcome to the Official Florida Disc Sports Champions & Records Page
It's Official because nobody else has attempted to compile the info into an accessible place until now.

Below you will find the listings of Florida Records & Champions, as well as Course Records for the Florida Disc Golf courses.

Most of the Florida Overall Records (1990>1998) were compiled by Bob Lewis. And, of course, Ed Avilas supplied the records for the State Disc Golf Championships which are held annually at the Rockledge Disc Golf course.

The rest has to be tracked down by people who were alive back when it all started. If you know of a record that isn't listed (or incorrect) contact Gregg Hosfeld

This is only the first draft so,with the exeption of the field events, it's mostly just the Pro records and Champions that are listed. This may change in the near future. If someone wishes to take on the task of gathering the Womens', Am & Advanced info, I'll be happy to post it.


Gregg Hosfeld (the miniac)

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State Records!!!


Open 21/28 Ken Climo 1995 insert WFDF MTA records link here
Women 11/28 Roxanne Spencer 1990 separate addresses?
Master 17/28 Tom Monroe 1991  
GrandMaster 17/28 Tom Monroe 1991  
Am Men 18/28 Robert Cotleur 1990  
Am Women 08/28 Lillian Armour 1990  
Juniors(<9) 08/28 Garret Guthrie 1997  


Open 553'6 Ken Climo 10/2/94 w/ viper Chris "Max" Voght sets new World Distance Record
217.05 on April Fools day! No Fooling!
Women 304.0 Deanna Traci 1990 w/ eclipse  
Master 504.9 Mike Newman 10/2/94 w/ cyclone insert WFDF Distance records link here
GrandMaster 456.1 Mike Newman 1996    
Am Men 426.9 Tommy Hodges 1997    
Am Women 217.0 Michell Chelette 1990    
Juniors(<15) 417.7 Peter Albers 1990    
Mini Distance 330.0 Gregg Hosfeld 1981 wham-o Midnight Flyer unofficial but witnessed during demo at Rollins College

M.T.A. (Maximum Time Aloft):

Open 13.3 Don Dash 1978 WFDF SCF records
Women 8.67 Pam Reineke 1995  
Master 11.78 Steve Slasor 1996  
GrandMaster 11.78 Steve Slasor 1996  
Am Men 10.46 Brian Thompson 1997  
Am Women 4.46 Lillian Armour 1991  

Other Florida Records:
If you think of a category that should be listed, please contact me at or leave a message at (407) 895-3761
(The records below mainly pertain to the open pro division)

Most Florida Field Event Records 2 Ken Climo Open Distance- 94, Accuracy-95
  2 Tom Monroe Master & Grand Master Accuracy- 91
  2 Mike Newman Master Distance- 94, GM Distance- 96
  2 Lillian Armour Am Womens MTA-91,Accuracy-90
  2 Steve Slasor Master & Grand Master MTA 96 (same throw)
Most Florida Golf Course records   Ken Climo See the Florida Course Records page



Most Florida Titles: Total 15 Ken Climo Rockledge x 3-(89,91,95), Golf x 5 (91,93>96), Accuracy x 1 (96), MTA x 1 (92), Distance x 2 (91, 94), Overall x 4 (92,94>96)
Disc Golf 8 Ken Climo Rockledge x 3 (89, 91, 95), Golf x 5(91,93>96)
Accuracy 2 Gregg Hosfeld 91,95
Freestyle 4 Bob "Friz" Coleman 91, 92, 93, 95 (For more info on Frisbee Freestyle <--click there!)
MTA 4 John Osgood 91, 94>96
Distance 2 Ken Climo 91,94
Overall 4 Ken Climo 92, 94>96
  4 Gregg Hosfeld 82,84,91,97* (*tie)


Titles in Most Events 5 Ken Climo Golf (91,93>96), Accuracy (96), MTA (92), Distance (91, 94), Overall (92,94>96)
Most Consecutive State Titles: Golf 4 Ken Climo (93>96)


3 Bob "Friz" Coleman (91>93) (For more on Florida Freestyle Frisbee contact Paul Kenny)


3 John Osgood (94>96)


3 Ken Climo (94>96)
Most Wins in Single Overall Tourney 3 Gregg Hosfeld 82- Golf, Freestyle, Overall
" 3 Daniel Marcus 90- MTA, Freestyle, Overall
  " 3 Ken Climo 91- Golf, Distance, Overall
Longest Span Between Earliest And Most Recent Title: All Events (Open) 17yrs Gregg Hosfeld (81-Freeestyle, 98-Rockledge Golf)


16yrs Gregg Hosfeld (82, 98-Rockledge Golf)


4yrs Gregg Hosfeld (91, 95)


9yrs Gregg Hosfeld (81,90)


5yrs John Osgood (91-96)


3yrs Ken Climo



15yrs Gregg Hosfeld