Gran Canyon Update 3-9-02

Hi Gang,

If You've been paying attention, several things have been going on at the Canyon.

Our 2002 event came off smoothly with 36 holes on property.
I had intended to leave the tourney layout as it stood, but John was having trouble directing people around the new layout and changed everything back to the "normal" 27 hole layout again. If we had all 36 in the ground, I think it would have stayed...anyone wanna pony up for 4 more targets???
I had a commitment for another target over a year ago but the guy still hasn't made any motions towards his promise.

I hope to run an informal round (probably dubs as that's the most popular) on the Monday following the Pro leg of the Sarasota event. March 18th @ noon.

Since Sota is going to "A-tier" status this year as well, some high profile players are coming down so I thought it'd be an opportune time to bring them by to play the canyon on their way back out of the State.

Thanks to Dave Mellin for buying and installing inner chains on all of the permanent DisCatchers. We may have enough chain left to do the temps.

No more bike events are being scheduled for a while because John is moving ahead with his "ball golf" plans. No idea what that means for the future of disc golf at the canyon.

But, if he's going to commit to certain days when ball golf can be played (without reservations) then we can only hope that Disc Golf might get the same consideration in the future. Too early to tell.

All for now...


P.S. Will someone please drop a coupla Million in my lap so I can buy the place and Finally make it the course that it CAN be? I promise you'll get free entry for life.
Call before coming out to hand me the check...(cash is perferable)

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