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Greetings! Welcome to the Official PDGA Disc Golf World Records Page!!This page is largely dependent on your input. Here are some guidelines to help with any submissions you may have.

Most of the Official PDGA Records are tracked by our PDGA statistics team, Rick Rothstein ,Guru & Myself. Other Disc Golf World Records and "Aces"/Holes in One are NOT tracked by the PDGA and could largely be considered hearsay. But, we want to believe you. So, if you have information concerning one of the categories listed or, if you have a new category, send the info to….theminiac@aol.com or jjacob2@iag.net for consideration.

Be aware of the fact that not only is this page in a constant state of flux, but in many instances it contains information that is entirely erroneous. Possibly because I made it up. (If my name appears along with a question mark, that means I don't know who has the actual record. But, that's my best and it's up to you to bump me if you have (truthful ) corresponding info that surpasses my number. In the "biz" this is known as shameless self promotion.

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If you see a category that contains information that doesn’t jibe with your recollection of reality, let us know (gently, please.) Also, keep in mind that there is a record for just about every conceivable situation.

We have tried to limit entries to our page to records pertaining to Disc Golf. For other Flying Disc records try WFDF World Records

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Gregg Hosfeld

World Titles:

Most PDGA Open singles titles. 11 by Ken Climo Clearwater, FL (9 consecutive)
Most PDGA Women's singles titles 5 by Elaine King, Toronto? Ontario, Canada (4 consecutive)
  Juliana Korver (also 4 consecutive)
Most PDGA Master's singles titles 3 by Stan McDaniel-Charlotte, N.C. (two consecutive)

Most PDGA titles…(all divisions & categories)

17 by Ken Climo Clearwater, FL.
10 open singles,
2 open doubles with CR Willey,
2 open doubles with Bob Dodge,
1 mixed doubles with Deanna Tracy,
150 class open TX 95, 150 class open in Jax-97]
Youngest to win Open title: 16 (Y,336 D, 7Hr) -Sam Ferrans, of LaMirada, CA in Rochester, NY July 29, 1984
Oldest to win Open title: 35 yrs & 8 1/2 mos - Ron Russell 1999 World Champion
Longest playoff for Open Pro Title… 4 holes Gregg Hosfeld over Mike Sullivan @ Toronto Island 1987

National & State Titles:

Most Titles from different states 5 Gregg Hosfeld-FL-82,84,97&98/IN-88/IL-87/MO-91,TX-90
  5 Craig Gangloff-MD-88,89,91,92/ VA-92/ NC-92/ WA-95, 96, 98/ OR-95, 96
Most Titles from the same statem 7 Ken Climo * (Florida sometimes has separate DG AND overall tourneys) Climo has won both DG events in the same year twice.
Most State Titles in the same year 3 Craig Gangloff - 1992 MD./ VA./ NC
Most time between 1st open state title and most recent 21 years: Lavonne Wolfe-1977 Alabama State and 1998 Alabama State (21 years)

Tournament Wins:
Most singles wins in a row (consecutive weekends) 9 by Juliana Korver from 4/15-6/10/2000 


7 by Ken Climo from 4-95 > 6-95
Most singles wins in a row (nonconsecutive weekends) 24 in 1998-99) Juliana Korver


12) Ken Climo in 6-96 > 2-97 (including his 7th World Title)
Most singles wins in one season 23 of 26 in 1995 by Ken Climo-Clearwater, FL. (3-2nd places)


?? JB
Most Super Tour wins in one season 20 Juliana Korver-1999


Most tournament wins in career   (open) 151+ Ken Climo (since Jan 1989)

all divisions

130 by David Greenwell as of 12/99


100+ Elaine King
Most career Super tour wins 53 Ken Climo (at the end of the 2000 season)


49 Juliana Korver (at the end of the 2000 season)

PDGA Points:

Most PDGA points in one season : Pro 2662 (SuperTour/B/C = 3-2-1 system): Ron Russell in 99

Pro Women

478 (SuperTour/B/C = 3-2-1 system): Juliana Korver in 99


2292 pts- David Feldberg, 1999
haven't had time to do the rest of the divisions....so there! I'll do it later, if I can find the time (anyone else feel like compiling it? I'll post it)

Prize Money:

All time PDGA Tour Money leader $147,346+ by Ken Climo
Most money won in one PDGA season…  

all divisions

$23,222 Ron Russell in 99 (open & master's divisions)


$22,839 Ken Climo in 99


$11,094 Juliana Korver in 2000
Longest string of cashing at tourneys 200+ By Ken Climo from (as of 7-2000) last known missed cash Florida Triple Crown #1 Feb 1989)
Most Times Single Season PDGA Tour Money Leader… 8 times Ken Climo 
Largest spread between season money leader and 2nd place…  $11,417 In 1995 Climo won $19,295 almost 2 1/2 times the $ of any other player (Randolph 2nd $7878)
Most tournaments attended in one season 38 Ron Russell in 1997 & Al Shack in 1999
Most PDGA World Championships attended (Open) 19 (perfect attendance) Tim "Skeball" Selinske-Rancho Cucamonga, CA;

all divisions

19-also perfect attendance) Steve Slasor-Palm Bay,FL.; Tom Monroe-Birmingham, AL.
Scores & Single Tournament Stats:  
Lowest score in a World Championship round 37 / 17under par- Geoff Lissaman-1996 (Rum Village)
Longest playoff for first place 14 hole playoff between Shawn Atwood, and Robert ? @ the Treebash Open" June 26th, 1999 in Flagstaff AZ. First in the Advanced men's division was bested only by Pro Masters.
Largest Margin of Victory-World Championships Sylvia Voakes won Women's Grand Masters at 98 Pro Worlds by 114 strokes!!!! (9 1/2 rounds) avg. 12 strokes gained per round!!


18 strokes Ken Climo 1994

regular weekend event

Juliana Korver won the pro women's division at the 1999 Minnesota Majestic by 47 strokes!

regular weekend event - Open

36 strokes Kevin McCoy, 1999 Halloween Hootenanny in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Other Disc Golf World Records:

Most times named “Player of the Year” 9 Ken Climo


Most courses played 667 by Gregg Hosfeld-Orlando, FL (as of 6-22-2002) 
Most courses played in one day 20 different courses by Steve Kenton, Justin McLuen, and Jason Neifert (280 holes) beginning at Thomas Park in Marion, IA and ending at Centennial Park in Huxley, IA. June 22, 2002, 4:59am (Morning Civil Twilight) - 9:56pm (Evening Civil Twilight)
Most holes played in 24hours 833 Dann Schultz & D.L. Redman June 1985. @ Tourist Park in Cedar Falls, IA
The distance traveled for walking was over 50 miles. Both had "aces" after midnight. Witnessed by local media and reported to Guinness.
Speed golf:             18 holes:   -13 in 15:06 (mini optional) Barnett Short tees) Gregg Hosfeld -Orlando, FL.2/13/01 (also -12 in 15:01)

9 holes:

-10 in 1min 45 seconds. (mini optional) @ Campland by the Bay-San Diego, CA. Gregg Hosfeld
The entire course was about 500 feet in length.
Longest Birdie String...tournament 27...Greg Williams-6/17-6/18/00
Sat. rd 3, hole 14 thru 18. Sun rd.4, hole 1 thru18 (18 under par!) Rd.5, hole 1 thru 4
Most courses sold & installed 27? John Houck (23 designed)
Longest hole (temp) 3,412ft / par 27.   Top of Aspen Mountain to the Base....
Longest hole...(perm) 1574.  #14 @ Mission Trails Golf/Disc Golf Course- San Diego, CA.


Aces/Holes in one

First Ace of the new (faux) millennium

1/1/2000 9:50am Hole 1 Rosedale Park-Kansas City, KS. By Iqbal Jehan

First Ace of the new (real) millennium The real first ace of the new millenum was at exactly 7:35 AM by Johnny Lissaman hole 6 in Grass valley.

Longest Ace...tournament (non-PDGA Sanctioned)

726 feet by Brent Bell -#18 Blue - Diamond X - Big Sky State Games - July 20, 2002
Witnesses - Shane Acedo, Mel Matson, Brian Bjortomt and Chuck Sweeney

Longest Ace...tournament (PDGA Sanctioned) 580ft Cory Justice hit Hole #27 at DeLaveaga DGC in the final regular round of the 2000 Master’s Cup.

309’ Liz Acosta @ Hole # ?? Waterworks Park in KCWO 99


580ft Hole #27 at DeLaveaga DGC...Danny McInnis w/a Roc witnessed by Tim Selinske.practice at Master’s Cup 93 or 94--also Conrad Damon w/an Aurora (Dave Welty witness) Dave Haning. There are two others that are unconfirmed

Longest World Championship Ace

402' By Shawn Sinclair #9 at Genessee Park- 1999

Longest Mini Ace

154'  hole #1 @ 1993 mini Worlds (practice)-Conrad Damon

Longest Mini Ace [regular basket]

approx. 250 feet.#1 at Riverside Park in Tulsa, OK. Tim Gibson using a ___?___ mini. Witnessed by 10 people.

Most aces in one tournament… Individual

3 John "Stretch" Beckwith @ Crooked Creek Classic in Chapin, S.C. April 17+18-Round 1-Hole#2 (the first hole of the tourney)/Rd 3 #10 & 12

3 Carlton Howard @ 1993 NC states @ Cedar Hills DGC.(plus another on his first practice hole on Sat)
Most aces in one tournament…field 15 aces at the golf island classic on pender island in BC Canada. May 29th 1999. All object targets.
Most aces in one round 3...On January 9, 2000, Philip Raymond of Memphis, TN ACED holes 11-210 ft., 13-258 ft., 15 -200 ft.in one round at Shelby Forest in Memphis. He also birdied 12 and 14, for a 5-hole total of seven strokes! Witnessed by Tambra Kleminsky, David Dunham, and Big Mike during an organized Sunday morning “league” round.
(2) Rene Espinoza (PDGA# 7595) aced 2 consecutive holes at the 1997 Tri-Cities tournament in Eastern Washington
(2) Scott Erke 5-22-99 rd.1 #4 (220') #5 (200)
(2) John "Stretch" Beckwith @ Crooked Creek Classic, #10 & 12/ 4-18-99
(2) Gale Vaughn 8/1/99 @ Firefighters park in Troy, MI  
(2) Chris Anderson aced holes 6 and 18 in round 1@ Wickham Park, Melbourne-Feb 24-25/99
(2) Jim Stilgenbauer (2 in one round-w/crash out same round 98 Worlds)
Most aces in a group 2 -7/27/00 Royce Racinowski & Bruce Bennet aced #10 @ Ellison Park. Doug Corea and John Whitney hit the front of the basket.
Several reported incidences of 2 back to back aces etc.
Most aces in a week 4- Lavonne Wolfe- 2 in the PDGA Worlds...
8/6/96 South Bend Worlds, hole three at Rum Village
8/9/96 South Bend Worlds, hole one at Oxbow 1 (He called this one before he threw it!)  
2 in practice...hole 1 Oxbow 1 on 8/4/96 and hole 17 at Oxbow 2 on 8/7/96.
Most aces in a month 5 Jason Connell...July 2000
Most tourney aces in one season 6...Chris Hysell
5-8-1999          Grange May Monthly     Hole # 9.   ~ 275'
6-12-1999         Battlefield Open
6-19-1999         DGCofN.VA Match Play Hole #16. ~ 220'
7-10-1999         Bayville Pro Am "C" Tier            Hole #12. ~ 240'
7-25-1999         Richmond Monthly/ Gillies Creek Pk    Hole #13. ~ 260'
12-5-1999         Pohick Bay Fling-A-Thing "C" Tier    Hole #5.   ~ 190'
Most Aces in one season (tourney and casual) 8? John Osgood-Sarasota, FL
Most Career tourney aces  16? (all regular points tour events Carlton Howard
Best  Ace average 1 per month for 7 years.  from 6/12/93 to 6/2000 (84 aces) Chris Hysell
Best Payout for a single Ace $1667.00 Brian Mace Hole #2 @ Veteran's Park-Arlington, TX (He later hit the same hole for $680) 
Best Payout for a single Ace (Ace Contest) $10,000.00  Harold Hampton emptied his bag (and his wallet) on the insured 500-550ft downhill hole finally sticking it with his putter.




honorable mention

3 Lavonne Wolfe- "92" River Bends East hole #? (he forgot the #)
8/6/96 South Bend Worlds, hole three at Rum Village
8/9/96 South Bend Worlds, hole one at Oxbow 1 (He called this one before he threw it!)  

John "Tip" Felter of Texas hit 2 Aces on the same day of 350'+in Rochester 99
2 John Andrews in 84+85 
2 Ken Climo (in Charlotte) 
2 Bob Dodge in South Bend
2 Tom Monroe 83+96  
2 Jim Stilgenbauer (2 in one round-w/crash out same round 98 Worlds) 
Most tourney aces on the same hole in one year 4 John Osgood on Sarasota, FL's N. Watertower Pk. hole #8. In the Calendar year of 1999. All nonsanctioned except for Ice Bowl
Most Aces Lifetime (Including non-tourney aces 400+- Geoff Lissaman
Most aces on single hole by one player 34 Dan Black on hole #1 @ Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.
Most "Ace Pots "on single hole by one player 10 times Hole 15 @ Balboa Park by Mike "fatboy" Blankenship.   
The hole averages an ace every 434 throws for the ace pot money. 
Most Aces using the same disc 5-Chris Hysell (again) w/ red cyclone
Ace #54-Hole#5-Sherando(1st Tour/1st Ace @ course)-10/18/97
Ace #60-Hole#7-Ace Run Ranch(B Tier)-5/3/98
Ace #62-Hole#4-NewportNews(B Tier)-11/21/98
Ace #70-Hole#12-Bayville(C Tier)-7/10/99
Ace#72- Hole#17-Dorey- 8/21/99
Youngest player to Ace 8 year old Nathan Sofinowski (#15072),hit a 185' ace at  in Lewisville, Texas
Youngest player to Ace in tourney (non-sanctioned) 10 year old Patrick Preston aced #7 at municipal park ,for $600. at a "Tuesday Toss" in Mobile, Alabama
Oldest player to Ace in tourney aprox. 62 Tang Der Hsin of Taiwan-#4 (185') at North Valley Park, MN @ World Senior (Master) Overalls in 1990.
Most deflections on way to Ace 4 Bruce Novak #2867, Kaposia Park #1, S. St. Paul, MN, Sept 1996. Disc skipped off tree limb mid-fairway, skidded along ground 15 ft short of basket, skipped up off root, deflected off tree trunk and into basket to win sudden death playoff in MN doubles series event.
Shortest time between aces 15 minutes by Shaun Heinen who aced hole #1on-the-fly in Colwich, Kansas in practice. Then, at the start of the round aced it again on a 20 foot skip.


Longest Deuce
aprox. 1300 feet - Scott Stokely drove a downhill shot aprox 45' past Aspen Mountain's temp. hole # 21 (named "The Sound of Music hole) and hit the return putt for a deuce.
Longest Drive This should also cover the Longest Drive category
Longest Save for Circle 3 275 ft: Dr. Doug Ertman #3078, Highland Park #11, St. Paul, MN. Tee shot hits light pole and goes OB in street at 150 ft. Sinks 275-footer remaining on 425 ft hole AND wins skins on hole, too.
Robert "RJ" Jerez drive was called short of clearing a lake on Golden Gate park's SF Safari course hole #3 (275'). He walked back to the tee and aced it for a circle 3.
Dubious Deeds

Highest Pro Score on one hole in tourney 27 by ??? PGA National course during the “storm of the century….(See DGWN #47-IBTWHA #5-P.40-42)

(Huge apologies to John Andrews who was reported to have held this dubious honor. The real owner of this distinction has not stepped up to claim it)

Most OB's on one hole 5 Temp hole # 23 @ Pohick Bay Winter Fling-a-Thing
170' over a parking lot to a 25' landing with an O.B. road down the hill 20' behind the basket. Albert Charron left four discs short in the lot and threw the fifth one past into the road, carding a quintuple circle "14". Dec. 7, 1997...a date that will live in infamy. But it's not the record…
Bobby Jones (PDGA #3087) splashed 9 discs in a lake @ hole 12 during a tourney downpour @ Firefighters Park in Rochester, MI.
Golf Bag distance (kicking) 60 feet- Alan Beaver in LSO Master’s finals on hole seven. Rolled all the way down the hill (Lin Warren witness)
Shortest missed putt 2 inches-At the1995 Carrolton TX Charity Cup Supertour, Mark Vasicek threw a drive up to the pole it was so close, he could not mark it. He dropped the putt in but it somehow jumped out.
Most "World Title" playoff losses in one tourney 2 -1993-Conrad Damon lost Mini Golf to Stevie Rico and Conrad + Kathy Tanazawa lost mixed doubles to Steve Valencia + Kelly Freeman.
Most 2nd place finishes in World Championships 5 in a row -Tom Monroe, Masters Division 1986>1990
Longest span between Open division wins 15 years!- Daniel Marcus -1984 Charlotte NC- Southeastern Championships-
1999 Greenville SC- Upstate Disc Golf Classic---Elberton, GA- Lake Russell Open
Most lost discs in 1 round… see most OB's on one hole
Most cracked discs in 1 round… ??
Cracked discs…Most pieces from 1 disc 16 by Al "Speedy" Guerrero on Redan Park's hole #16, using a long hidden and recently found stingray owned by Gregg Hosfeld. He had a better explosion in Peru Indiana but didn't have the time or inclination to count the pieces.
Most trees hit in one flight ??
Longest drive beyond the hole Dave " Big Daddy " Griffin in Aspen 98-took 6 shots to get back up to the hole
Longest drive behind the tee Brent Hambrick at the 1997 Worlds in Indiana. Brent slipped off of the tee on hole 4 at Wilson park and threw the disc backwards downhill behind him about 200ft.
No one would call him for a foot fault.
  150 ft Chuck Kennedy #4949, Riverside Park #14, St. Cloud, MN, May 1998, MN Doubles Series. Roller went uphill 130 feet, hit a tree and rolled back past tee, went another 100 feet, then over cliff down 50 feet landing 5 feet from Mississippi River. (Note: Shot did not have to be used because partner was already safe on top of hill)
Dishonorable mention...

  Lynne Warren with a roller that went 220+ feet ahead and turned and rolled 70 feet behind the tee.
  In a La Mirada tournament years back Bob Heim teed off on hole #18 (starts at edge of lake and goes over a small rise toward tennis courts/clubhouse), griplocked, and landed his drive behind him on the other side of the lake near old tee #11. That's aprox. 120-130 feet backwards.
  In the (non-sanctioned) "Men's round-up" tournament at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, OR (Sep 97). Brian Riley threw a shot through the chains for an "almost ace" (Hole #1 - 190ft uphill) only to watch as it rolled back down hill through thick woods and brush and finally coming to a rest aprox ~50 ft behind the tee. He finished with a 5.
Biggest Choke  
  At the 2000 PAW, Valerie Miller from Oregon went into the Junior Girls 24 hole FINAL at the Campground with a 10 stroke lead. She shot 95. Her competition Amanda Wagner from Ludington MI shot 84, and won by 1!
  Joe Kloster leading the Ankeny (IA) Summer Fest Am Tournament by 3 strokes with 1 hole to play. Sean Murphy takes a 2 and Joe takes a circle-6 to lose by 1.Circa 1996.
  Michelle Wade @ Mother lode Expedition has 9 stroke lead with 18 holes to go. Lost by one to Lisa Daenzer
  Crazy John at -75 thru 8 rounds in Phoenix Worlds falls asleep on Saturday finishes 4th
  Hoser Williams stroking himself late in the Worlds for not marking a lie under the basket and losing by one. Ouch!
  After setting a new course record at the 1985 Mid-America Open in Columbia with a -15, Lavonne Wolfe had a 10 stroke lead going into the last round.  Slate Paul caught and beat him.  Lavonne suffered from dehydration during the final round and at times was not even able to open his hand due to cramping.  It was ugly!


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